Sunday, October 4, 2015

#DemocraticDebate question for Secretary Clinton

Secretary Clinton, do you and your husband have anything to explain to the American voters about what has gone on with the Clinton Foundation for the past 15 years?

[The foregoing question pertains to the corrupting influence of money in politics, and the extent to which the Clintons have benefited from the same and have abetted the same, including during the past 15 years via the activities of the Clinton Foundation. For further explanation, see Should CFR make an example of Clinton Cash?.]


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  2. It's blatantly obvious (or should be) that Citizens United will be remembered as a catastrophe (Yes, I'm assuming it will eventually be abolished). I was with the rest of the country back in March in thinking that the Dem side of the 2016 election was already over. However, after watching Vox's interview with Senator Sanders I understood that he has the characteristics to become "one of the greats", i.e. FDR, JFK, and other presidents refereed to by their initials.

    It was only after learning more about Sander's campaign that I realized how hypocritical Clinton's campaign is. How can I take her seriously when she says she wants to oust Citizens United - while simultaneously taking full advantage of the political evils the law entails. Honestly, I don't care about the email situation - this hypocrisy is far more troubling.

    (I acknowledge all of the above as one individual's opinion - what do you think about these issues?)