Monday, October 12, 2015

Push out Larry Lessig's name

Larry Lessig is running for President because

Fixing democracy can’t wait.

He is not being allowed in the Democratic Debate tomorrow night.

Help push out Larry Lessig's name today and tomorrow on Twitter.

Be aggressive. Go to one of these Twitter hashtags:

and start sending individual, directed tweets to tweeters using the Twitter hashtag you have picked. Two suggestions for tweet messages are:

At the Democratic Debate, they should first debate FixDemocracyFirst.


Larry Lessig should be in the Dem Debate so America can FixDemocracyFirst.


make up your own tweet message to send.

An easy way to send a lot of tweets quickly is to get your tweet message on your clipboard, go to the hashtag you have selected, start with the first tweeter under the hashtag,  right click on the tweeter's name, click "open in new tab", click on the "Tweet to _____" box, paste your message in the pop up box, click "Tweet" button, close the new tab, and move on to the next tweeter under the hashtag you have selected.

After you are done tweeting, please join the Team Lessig Social Media google group and tell others in the group what you have done.

CAVEAT: Anyone who wants to tweet as I have suggested should read emails I had a year ago with Twitter, which emails are posted at Spamming on Twitter. I just had a report from someone who said:
I did this for about 30 minutes.  Then I got a pop-up message on Twitter that my activity appeared to be spam or otherwise malicious, and therefore my Tweet would not be sent..  It said my ability to send Tweets was being suspended (for a while, I think).  It said I should try again later.  
I replied to that person, saying

It is frustrating that Twitter is unclear about its rules, and worse if Twitter is inconsistent in how it applies the rules. 
Just for your information, I have been sending this tweet message 
to tweeters using the hashtag #LetLessigDebate. I have sent out 50 to 100 tweets and have gotten 87 page views of my link, without any problem, as I have not had a problem in doing this many, many times now.
If this is a valuable tool, the Lessig2016 campaign ought to communicate with Twitter to get more certainty about what is permitted and what is not permitted. 
Anyone doing this needs to decide about the risk in doing this. I refer them to our other topic!topic/team-lessig-volunteers/137QqjTuajk

I am seeking guidance from Twitter @support

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