Friday, October 30, 2015

Larry Lessig Supporters Section

Professor Lawrence Lessig's Presidential candidacy affords a special opportunity for messaging to advance the campaign finance reform movement.

I have done such messaging.

I wish to offer Lessig2016 volunteers a place where they can post messaging for advancing Professor Lessig's campaign.

The volunteers might create their own blog for doing such messaging, but until they do, I offer this.

I will call this the "Larry Lessig Supporters Section" and entries that come from volunteers will be designated in some fashion to be part of this.

1 comment:

  1. The system is rigged and everybody knows it. Time to revolt. Larry Lessig presents us with a plan to fix our democracy even as the the same rigged system refuses to allow his message be heard in a national debate. This man and his message are dangerous and must marginalized by those in power. Thus far they've been quite effective in stifling the voice of 'we the people'. We have the necessary motivation now to create a revolution of discontent. Its way past time to do so. Citizens unite! Take action at Join us and together, with Larry's heroic lead let's reclaim our democracy NOW. Its going to take everything you've got to get this done. Be Brave and fight for your freedom. If you want any reasons or motivation, call me 707 971 2662 ivanicci