Monday, June 29, 2015

MAYDAY supporters interested in Bernie synergy

The below is a post and comments on I think the post and comments show interest by MAYDAY supporters in synergy with Bernie. I have been working for a month to promote this. (See Seeking synergy with #bernie2016 and subsequent posts.) I think MAYDAY should do more to promote it.

are other mayday supporters supporting bernie sanders? i am. i did a recurring monthly donation through act blue. he will not have a super pac. seems like the super pac to end all super pacs isn't really necessary! just give directly to bernie's campaign.
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  • Rachel Pie Bob i am a big bernie fan, but i don't think he can do it alone.
  • Pam Kies-Lowe I have also donated to Bernie's campaign & plan to work for him when he gets an office nearby! He doesn't have to do it "alone" - HE HAS US!!!
  • Pamela Volentine Rushing that's what by the people means. smile emoticon
  • Joel Osborne More importantly, why isn't the Mayday PAC backing Bernie?
  • William Don Smith I support him and have contributed.
  • Pamela Volentine Rushing Joel Osborne, Bernie says he won't have a Super PAC, and I guess that's what Mayday PAC is, even though it was funded by us. BUT maybe something is in the works behind the scenes. Lessig has been quiet lately. Whatever the case, we know which candidate best Represents US, and we can give directly to his campaign. grin emoticon
  • Joel Osborne Thank you, Pamela, just seems ironic....but of course, the entire mission of the Mayday PAC is ironic - in a good way!
  • Pam Kies-Lowe MAYDAY IS US, people! Talk to Lessig & the gang to let them know what WE will support with our dollars!!
  • Rebecca Arington Lately, Mayday PAC has focused it's efforts on passing fundamental reform legislation in Congress. And that work is paying off! 

    Since the election is 17 months away, I think it will be awhile before you see Mayday "backing" anyone financially. Also, 
    remember that it's set up as a CONGRESSIONAL super PAC. I'm not entirely clear on the legalities but I do know that the organization can't just simply decide to support a non-congressional candidate (presidential, state, etc.). 

    I think Bernie is the strongest reform-minded candidate in the mix. But Rachel is right - no President can single handedly change the way campaigns are funded. We need a cooperative Congress.
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  • Zach Weigand Yep, huge fan of Bernie. Already donated once, probably won't be the last. He's got far better momentum than I ever expected!
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Friday, June 26, 2015

Thank you for the reply, MAYDAY

Thank you for replying to me. (See Request for MAYDAY's help.)

More guidance is sought if and when the MAYDAY Team should have an opportunity to focus further.

Your reply said the letter to editor worked and Rep. Moulton just yesterday co-sponsored HR 20.

Does that mean you don't think it is worth using Twitter to try to publicize the LTE within Rep. Moulton's district and to his constituents?

Is it worth using Twitter to try to publicize the LTE and Rep. Moulton's co-sponsorship of HR 20, to MAYDAY supporters and to other reform supporters in order to encourage them to write LTE's in their own districts?

Is it worth using Twitter to try to publicize the LTE and Rep. Moulton's co-sponsorship of HR 20, within nearby MA districts, to try to advance MAYDAY's cause?

If and when the MAYDAY Team could indicate its thoughts on these matters, I would be most grateful, as possibly would others who have expressed interest in the use of Twitter to advance the campaign finance reform cause.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Request for MAYDAY's help

To MAYDAY Team: On the MAYDAY Facebook Page you posted a link to Rod Kessler's letter to the Salem News and the below offer to help people in writing letters to editor in their areas.

Check out this letter to the editor in Rep. Moulton's district (D-MA-06) that we helped place:
Interested in writing a letter to the editor in your area? Let us know! We'd love to help:

Could you kindly offer guidance about whether and/or how you think Twitter might be used to publicize Rod Kessler's letter within Representative Moulton's district and to his constituents?

Thank you.

Edit. MAYDAY gave the below reply:

Salem News letter to editor

The Salem News, June 22, 2015
Letter to editor from Rod Kessler

Letter: Congressman should support campaign finance reform

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Posted: Monday, June 22, 2015 9:00 pm

To the editor:
Brian Watson’s June 8 column “We Can Remove Money from Politics” rightly suggests that the interests of ordinary citizens are being undermined when the politics of “one person, one vote” are superseded by a “democracy” of dollars. Big money corrupts and distorts the political process — and Americans know it. Polls show that the majority of us oppose unlimited infusions of cash from hidden donors into campaign coffers, yet the problems only worsen.

 Watson sounds a pessimistic note, deeming the situation hopeless. But is it? Several plans before Congress propose the kinds of changes that would limit the size of political donations and restructure the system to otherwise level the playing field. Unfortunately, Congressman Seth Moulton has yet to sign on to any proposal that would fundamentally reform our campaign finance system. But the time to lead is now. It would be! a great start if U.S. Rep. Moulton would co-sponsor the Government By the People Act (H.R.20) and support its Senate counterpart, the Fair Elections Now Act (S. 1538), a set of strong reform bills that have already been introduced in Congress. Cheer up, Brian, maybe there’s a light at the end of the tunnel.
Rod Kessler