Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Will you tweet this to your Representative?

Will you send this tweet message to your Representative in Congress?:
Dear @_______, you need to #Lead4Reform or else #FeelTheBernHeat

If you will tweet the above to your Representative, I will do it too.

If you want me to go first, tell me who your Representative is, and I will send my tweet and let you know so you can send your tweet.

I have sent tweets to the Iowa and New Hampshire legislative delegations in DC as set out in To: Iowa DC legislative delegation and Bird-dogging in NH today.

I have sent this tweet to my own Representative:

Apologies: I am sending tweets (with links to this page) to tweeters who are using #FeelTheBern hashtag. There are hundreds of tweets daily using that hashtag, with many new tweet names appearing. I am trying to avoid duplicative tweeting based on memory and whether I think a tweet name is a new name to me. Please accept my apologies if you receive duplicative tweets from me.

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